About Us

If you see our show bike (the only red Mantis Profloater with disc brakes in existence), please email moonheads @ gmail.com with any information.

We'd love to get it back.

Thank you.


   Moonhead Machine began as a small shop downtown Oconomowoc, Wisconsin in 2003, by cousins Tim Erdmann (machinist), and Pete Doering (industrial designer), specializing in creating high-performance equipment for serious off-road cyclists, and quickly grew to include the support of many other skilled and passionate people..

   Amid developing a modest product line of shifters, cranks, stems and forks, we attended Interbike, the worlds largest cycling trade show, where we exhibited our brand and products to some forty thousand people in three days.  The enthusiastic reception was overwhelmingly positive.  Even the theft of our vintage Mantis showbike from our booth couldn't dampen the excitement.

   After the show, while continuing work our component designs, we developed a complex chainring set to make our cranksets the finest shifting complete units in the world.  As we finally began preparing the cranks and forks for production, however, the expense of chainring development coincided with our investors costly divorce.  The shop was liquidated and Moonhead Machine officially dissolved.

   Over the next year, Tim launched and grew his company "Motus Machine", machining OEM and aftermarket equipment for motorsports, medical, and aerospace clients.  Pete now enjoys working in several industries (including cycling) as an independent design consultant.  He retains ownership of the Intellectual Property of Moonhead Machine.