About Us

   Moonhead Machine components are available through qualified dealers.  We encourage you to support your local bicycle retailer, though we understand that it is not always possible.  For your convenience, we have created a consumer portal to our web store with our complete inventory available at suggested retail pricing.  Consumers and dealers alike may login to our web store at www.velorotica.com.  If you saw our special (on the right) in Dirt Rag or Velonews magazines, please enter the promotional code at checkout.

   Update:  Our web store is now closed.  The following price list is for reference only:

MSRP Price List



  Superlight Race $650
  Cross Country $600
  Freeride/DH $550



  Full Set of 3 Rings $190
  Big Ring $100
  Middle Ring $65
  Granny Ring $35

Shifter Mounts:


  Thumbshifter Mounts $85
  Escape Pod Mounts $85

Disc Brake Equip:


  ProFloater Disc Brake Adapter $95
  Trimble Disc Brake Adapter $80
  Hose Guide $6