Moonhead Machine Dirty 30 mounts facilitate the use of Campagnolo's Record 9 or 10spd bar-end shift levers as thumbshifters, and are available to fit mountain bike handlebars as well as drop bars for road and cyclocross use.

    Campagnolo has long proven itself superior in the muddy, high impact hell of cyclocross racing, with advantages of tighter tolerances, user servicability, longer life of pivots, bushings, bearings and springs, better seals, lighter and stronger materials such as carbon composite and titanium, precision hand-craftsmanship.  Campy also features advantages for off-road use, such as tougher spring rates to help shift through mud, internal cavities designed to avoid accumulation and shed dirt and debris instead, and front derailleur trim for honing every front shift through the elements.

   Most significantly, Campy's 10spd system povides us with new improvements in gearing over 9spd systems.  By maintaining the same overall min/max ratio spread, there are more useable intermediate ratios in between.  "Useable" meaning those ratios remaining after redundant and impractical ratios due to crossover are eliminated.  Two cassettes, when paired with standard +10/+12 triple chainring cranks, offer more evenly spaced ratio increases between shifts than any other system on the market.  The first is Campagnolos own 13-29 Record Titanium Cassette, but to get a wider range, Marchisio's ultralight 11-30 cassette provides a maximum number of practical and usable ratios, which are also more evenly distributed in incremental gain than any other system.

   Rounding out the build, Cane Creek has graciously obliged to build their light and incredibly strong Zonos wheels with Campagnolo cassette bodies, upon request.  DT-Swiss and Hope Tech UK both offer hubs with interchangable Campagnolo freehub bodies as well.