Moonhead cranks are a continual work in progress, representing the pinnacle of our design and manufacturing abilities.


   Moonhead Machine crank arms are precision machined from near-net forged, stress-relieved, proprietary 7000 series aluminum alloy from Airbus. We broach, coin, and pressfit their BB interfaces by hand, and carefully polish each set.  They are available in three use-specific configurations: The exquisitely machined 338g Superlight Race model, the rugged 441g Standard Cross-Country model, and a bombproof, solid, 602g Freeride/Downhill model w/ two piece bash ring.  All are available in lengths between 165mm and 180mm.

  The real advantage of the Moonhead Machine crankset is actually in its Bottom Bracket system.  Currently, the ISIS bottom bracket standard features a great spindle/crank spline interface design, but the large diameter spindle that gives ISIS its stiffness and strength leaves insufficient room for a substantial set of bearings between spindle and shell.  The Moonhead Machine cranksets feature wide-standard ISIS splines, coupled with external BB cups, a massively oversized 30mm spindle and 42mm OD cartridge bearings, and locking bearing preload adjusters, to complete the ultimate crankset.  Stiff, sturdy, adjustable, and amazingly simple to install and remove.

   We also offer triple chainring sets to complete the entire Moonhead Machine crankset for ultimate performance.

Update: Now that our chainrings are complete, we're hard at work preparing these cranksets for production. They should be available shortly.  We'll email everyone on our mailing list and update this page as soon as they're ready.  In the mean time, we thank you sincerely for your interest.