Moonhead chainrings are precision machined to provide the fastest shifting performance possible.
   Key design features of our chainrings are our complex tooth shape and ramp, gate, and groove functionality which ensure incredibly fast shifts and stable, solid shifts under load without slippage.  Our maximum width teeth grip the narrow link plates of the chain to hold it more firmly in place, reducing the need for a chain guide, and provide maximum leading-edge surface area to carry the chains roller load, maximizing wear life.  Note the difference between our teeth (silver) and stock Shimano XTR teeth (black) in the photos at the right.  Our 5 Bolt Compact chainset is available in 44/32/22 and 46/34/24 tooth combinations, in Red, Blue, Silver, Black, Purple, and Hard-Anodized Teflon-Impregnated Grey, for maximum durability.

   We are also producing a 4 bolt set compatible with Shimanos unusual XTR m960 crankset, for users enjoying its unique bolt circle diameters, rapid wear, and inability to find replacements for less than the cost of a complete crankset.  Ours are very light at 107g for the complete set.

   Update: We have found bikes with either unusually short chainstay lengths, wide chainline dimensions, or a combination of both, may result in the chain approaching the rings at too severe an angle to engage our short teeth fully, and cause derailment.  We also found a number of XTR cranks with chainring boss spacing discrepancies of more than two millimeters.  Shimano's stock chainring teeth and ramps are thin, so there is little to interfere with shifting performance in these cases, and this irregularity goes unnoticed.  Since our teeth, and especially our ramps, are as wide as possible, users with these cranks may require chainring bolt shims to reach optimal chainring performance.  We do QC check every set we make, and stand behind our work with a 100% satisfaction guarantee.  If your ring/crank combo gives you trouble, let us know, and we'll take care of you.  Thank you.