Moonhead Machine is excited to announce our partnership with the first name in composite bicycle frames, Brent Trimble.

   Brent's history in the sport goes back to the early 1980s, building the sports first composite frames for Olympic road and track racers.  From there he was the designer behind both Kestrel and Treks first composite frames.  In 1988, he created the iconic "Carbon Cross" and "Inverted 4" mountain bike frames under his own name, and sponsored many professional and amateur racers throughout the 1990s.  In the years since, he's been the brains behind most of the bike industries successful carbon composite frames.

   For 2005, we've gone all-in, purchasing machinery and materials to produce new molds to updating Brents beautiful, light, and incredibly smooth cross country racing frame, with disc brakes, modern standard components, and 29" wheels.

   Watch this space for details...