Moonhead also creates many custom performance upgrades for exotic & vintage mountain bikes.  If you have a project bike requiring custom work, contact us and we'll see if we can help.  Here are some of our special projects:  
   Whether you want to run 8spd XTR on your cyclocross bike, install a Dirt Drop bar, or aftermarket brakeset on your classic MTB, Moonhead Machine Escape Pods enable the use of Shimanos m900 XTR rapidfire shift levers with the bars and brake levers of your choice.  We've styled our pod mounts after Graftons originals, right down to the last minute detail.

   Moonhead Escape Pods are precision machined from 7075 T-6 Aluminum, and hand polished to a luster before being bright-dip anodized in your choice of Red, Blue, Silver, Purple, or Black.  They are available for mountain bike handlebars or road and cross drop bars.

   For the famous Mantis Profloater, we produced a small quantity Disc Brake Adapters.  We used two vertical plates, slotted bolt holes, and two internal blocks which braced and wedged the unit in place once the device was aligned to the rear axle via the rearward tab.  We may have gone a little overboard with the aesthetic on this one, but then, it was made for a Mantis.

   For the Trimble I4 frame, we produced another disc brake adapter.  A minimalist aesthetic was essential in keeping with the clean look of the frame.  This unit consists of a slotted plate and a pair of two eccentric inserts, to be fastened by a pair of chainring bolts.  The plate mounts flush to the side and top surfaces of the dropout, and slides fore and aft on its slots, while the eccentrics rotate to snug the vertical fit and properly support braking
   To accompany the disc brake adapters, we produced several types of hose guides, which thread in place of cantilever brake studs and thread-in housing stops.  This simple, lightweight solution simultaneously provides a hose guide and rids the newly disc equipped frame of useless cantilever studs, maintaining the clean esthetic of vintage MTB frames.
   Finding a classic Bontrager, IRD, Manitou or Hanebrink rigid fork from the early 90's with adequate steerer tube for use with threadless headsets is a near impossiblity.  We produced full length steerer tube assemblies for these great forks so they may continue to be enjoyed for years to come.